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You have arrived at the home page of the Woodbaby, the original fine art fantasy pets!
We have been hand crafting our Woodbaby Puppets for more than 25 years. Since 1983, we have toiled diligently to bring to the world the finest puppets only time and experience can achieve. In our studios, wondrous ideas for new puppets are being developed to join the ever-growing Woodbaby family. Our Puppets are a treat to experience first hand. They become a part of your life as few things can: a friend, confidant, protector and a child all rolled into one magnificent creature! Our puppets are adoptable companions. We create our Woodbaby Puppets based on natural animals, as well as fantasy, myths and legends. Each of our Woodbaby Puppets is a handmade work of art!
Once you have adopted one of our Woodbaby Puppets, you will understand.
Let us move you as wonder moves the world!

The Story

Once when magic was new, on a Midsummer's day in a place not far from here, there lived a knight. On that day so long ago, after traveling many a mile, while resting under a rowan tree the Queen of Faerie came to him asking, "Dearest gentle knight, I beseech you to help me save my subjects from the Mondane. It is a voracious creature that is devouring the magic of our land, turning it into a nightmare of concrete and steel. Please defeat the Mondane and save our world. "So off went the knight meeting orphans of many races and species along the way. Helping as best he could to give food, water and shelter to every creature he met, even unicorns. After many weeks he was finally able to confront the Mondane. They fought from dawn to dawn and just when it seemed that the knight would lose; then suddenly the Mondane cried out in defeat and turned to fog. The Fearie Queen called to the four winds to blow the fog to the far reaches of the world. She then turned to the knight, "Sir I would charge you and rename you. First would you find homes and care for all the orphaned creatures? Also I would ask would you always be vigilant against the Mondane? I would then rename you The Midsummer Knight. " The Knight replied, "Madame I will accept your charge and your name. It will be my dream to see these creatures all have good homes and families to care for them."
And to this day The Midsummer Knight's Dream continues...

our philosophy

Our customers come first-if there is a problem we will fix it! We are Your company, We only do what we do because of our customers. If you have a dream we will try and make it come to life, for you. We make everything in our studio, we can do our best to make your custom creature a reality. We are always trying to improve what we do. New creative and with quality this is what we strive for,everyday!

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