Now that you have adopted your very own Woodbaby, here is how to care for it. Proper care will ensure many years of faithful companionship from your new friend.

The Don'ts:

1. Do not get the fur wet; Woodbabies do not like any form of water! This can cause their fur to harden and may attract flies. (Yuck!) If you do happen to get the fur wet, dry it as soon as possible. A regular hair dryer works best for this. Dry the fur thoroughly on a low setting.

2. Do not force your Woodbaby's head to stay in an unnatural angle, like stuffed (Ouch!) in a small bag, purse, backpack or other container. Your new friend needs to be able to move his head around freely, even when you are not around.

3. Please do not ever leave your Woodbaby in or near intense heat, OF ANY KIND. This would apply to cars, the sunshine or, E-Gads, fire! Heat is a terrible thing for your Woodbaby. The intense heat in a closed car can be extremely damaging to your friend's skin colors, fur and cable mechanism. The sunshine will fade his/her colors and cause the fur to dry out and become brittle. And we all know what a fire could do. Please protect your Woodbaby from extreme conditions.

THe Do's

1. Do allow your newly adopted Woodbaby to accompany you everywhere you go. Keep in mind they get very lonely when left at home.

2. Do use Baby Wipes to clean your baby’s fur and body; just don’t get them too wet. (Remember Woodbabies don’t like the water)!

3. Do adorn your new friend with bright, shiny baubles and bangles. They love to dress up!

4. Do love your Woodbaby as you would any good friend or member of your family. (On second thought, love them even more than that)!



A Large Gryphon Woodbaby Puppet