Our Bats Are $33 and is approximatly 4 inches tall

A Bat Woodbaby PuppetBat Woodbaby Puppet from the sideA Bossom Buddy Bat

hand held Bird $35 and is approximatly 4 inches tall

a Hand Held Bird Woodbaby PuppetHand Held Bird Woodbaby Puppet

Our Squirrels are $105 and approximatly 9 inches tall


 A Squirrel Woodbaby Puppet

Our Baby owls $130 and Phoenixes $155-$200, are aproximatley 10 inches tall come with a saddle Large Pheonixs and Crow $300

Owl Woodbaby Puppet Owl Woodbaby PuppetOwl Woodbaby PuppetPhoenix Woodbaby PuppetAnother View of a Pheonix woodbaby Puppet

We have two sizes of Parrots the large is approximatly 10 inches tall the small is approximatly 6 inches tall

Large Parrot Woodbaby PuppetParrot

Our Wolves are and are aproximatly 18 inches longand $230

Wolf Woodbaby PuppetWolf Woodbaby Puppet

Our Lions are $$255, with special wings $300 and Approximatly 18 inches long

Lion Woodbaby PuppetLion Woodbaby PuppetLion Woodbaby Puppet

A Monkey is $105

Monkey !!! Funky Monkey

Rodents -Rat, Field Mouse and DoreMouse $48

Dore MouseA Field MouseA Rat

A Unicorn Woodbaby Puppet