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Shipping and handling charges are $15.00 for any puppet up to $105.00 and $25.00 for any puppet $100 and over. We must have your phone number so that we may verify your order and arrange payment with you .


Do Not Use This Form just Email us your order until the issue is fixed Please EMail your Order to the_adoption_center@yahoo.com.We are taking Orders.the_adoption_center@yahoo.com or www.etsy.com/shop/gaffanon are the places to order from us. We are taking Christmas orders until December 12 2014 for custom orders, for instock we are taking orders until December 17th 2014... We DO Not make your order until you place it. we do not have woodbabies on the shelf we make everyone one at a time and take 8 weeks .

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Type of Woodbaby you wish to adopt

Body Color:

Accent Color: Accent Colors are those we hand paint on a Woodbaby such as claws, horns, hooves, etc. Cats have no accents on them. Gryphons come with Gold and silver for their accents.

On an Egg Dragon you get a choice of three accents on the shell as well as claws and teeth
On all colors we will come as close as we can to your wishes with what is available to us when your order is placed

Gryphons get two Paint colors one on beak and claws second on the cere and arms

Eye Color:

Fur Color:

Synthetic Fur Colors

Synthetic Fur Colors 2

Natural Dyed Fur Colors

Fur Type:

Wing Color: For Jharies and Dragons only. Gryphons come with Pheasant,duck,goose,or chicken feathers

Wing Type for Shoulder Dragons and Cats and Bats

Saddles are no longer an option they are now automatically included with every woodbaby -Saddles are for shoulder sitting woodbabies. if you have an older woodbaby that needs a saddle you can still get them installed, call us for details (352)732-3350.


Total Order if you wish to pay by paypal click here and enter gaffanon@fantasypuppet.com. Leave a note in our comments box to let us know you paid by pay pal. or............

After your order is received you will be contacted either by email or phone to make payment arrangements to complete the order and begin the creation of your new friend.
Please add the_adoption_center@yahoo.com to your accepted list to insure you get our email



*Sales tax applies to Florida State Residents, Shipping and Handling Charges are figured for areas within the Continental US, for orders outside of the Continental US please contact us for Shipping and Handling Charges. Prices subject to change, we do not guaranty shipping dates or that all colors offered on this page will be available at time of order.





Any Woodbaby found to have a manufacture's defect will be repaired free of charge.

Animal attacks on a Woodbaby; alterations made to a Woodbaby by the customer; and abuse to a Woodbaby voids this warranty.

Repairs can be made to any Woodbaby that are not covered by the warranty, for a fee. The Repair fee is based upon the type and severity of injury to the Woodbaby.

Minimum recovery time for injuered Woodbabies is 2-6 weeks.

Shipping and handeling charges apply





If you do not wish to use this form, call us at toll free (352) 732-3350 or snail mail it to us at:
The Midsummer Knight's Dream
1421 NE 8th Ave Unit 7
Ocala FL, 34470
Attn: Special Order

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