Our Fairies come in 3 sizes small $200 Medium $275 Large $350

A Fairy Woodbaby PuppetA Fairy Woodbaby PuppetA Small Fairy Woodbaby PuppetGrandma Fairy Woodbaby Puppet

A REvontulet Is $285 and is approximattly 14 inches tall

A Revontulet Woodbaby PuppetAnother view of the Revontulet Woodbaby Puppet
The name translates from Finnish to mean Fire Fox and is pronounced
"Revon too let" he comes with a saddle and staff which can be customized in many many different ways

Our Nightmare is $260

Horse Woodbaby PuppetsA horse Woodbaby Puppet

Our Nocturnus is $350 and approximatly 12 inches tall


Nocturnus Woodbaby PuppetShowing the Lighted eye optionNocturnus Woodbaby PuppetNocturnus Woodbaby PuppetNocturnus Woodbaby PuppetNocturnus  Woodbaby PuppetA Nucturnus GroupAn Aquaturnus a seafairing Woodbaby Puppet

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